Churches in China are said to be holding worship services online instead of meeting in a chapel due to fears of the coronavirus infection. They are also urging for a fasting prayer as a solution to this crisis.

According to the Chinese Christian news Gospel Times, a church in Wuhan, where the transmission is at its most serious, posted a sermon on its SNS titled "A Model of Intercessory Prayer " on April 26. " Let's pray for the peace of Wuhan and pray for the city to heal, " the church minister said.

A church in Beijing also held an online service. " Nothing can stop us from praying to God and giving our prayers," the church minister said.

The minister of a church in Beijing said in a sermon posted online, " What can we do in front of an epidemic in the blink of an eye? Also, what can we do? " We must pray to the Lord first, " he said. " The Lord must have compassion on us and pray for the swift relief of this epidemic.

  "The Gospel Times reported that the Chinese Christian Association has sent out a notice urging local churches to cooperate closely with relevant agencies in order to actively carry out their responsibilities to prevent and control the epidemic spread. In addition, there is also fundraising around the local church.