J.D Greear, pastor of the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham teaches Christians what to expect today.  

"Jesus showed us how we should respond when we face opposition. As a Christian, we must be patient at all times and learn from Jesus when we are slandered."

First, Jesus was patient. As Pastor Greear stated, one must get rid of the idea that if we live right, nothing bad will ever happen. Lies will be told and vindication will always come and good guys don't ultimately win in all situations. 

"Jesus suffered unjustly and left an example that we would follow his steps."

Second, Jesus committed himself to him who judges justly. Jesus waited for vindication from God and for reward in heaven. If he never got vindication or reward here, he states, that was ok. Knowing his real home was heaven with God, he waited for that.  

Third, Jesus kept doing good even when he was slandered. Jesus kept doing miracles and forgave people even when they were nailing him to the cross. Peter states we as a Christian must keep the good works and let them vindicate you. 

"What will silence the accusers in your life? Not your social media posts. Your good works." 

Christians must start taking care of the orphans and the lost in our community because we're the only people at the table. "Let that change everyone's perspective."

"We must stop trying to argue that Christians aren't racists and invite into our lives people who don't look like us, to feel their pain and carry their burdens like we would our own."

Last but not least, Jesus' patient suffering under injustice was the means by which he saved us. 

Without Jesus' vindication, Christians would not have been saved. Pastor J.D tries to prove a point that we are living in a world where we need salvation. By his wounds, he will heal us and in some mysterious ways, we extend that salvation through ours. 

"The work of Salvation is finished, but what is not finished is people hearing about the offer of salvation. Salvation is not complete until people here hear the message and respond. Forgive, love, endure with hope as we love those who don't love us or treat us unfairly.