Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards stated he will begin three days of lunch-hour fasts and prayers on Monday in response to the state's spike in coronavirus cases. 

John Bel Edward highly encouraged and recommended the residents to be with him throughout the fasting and pray for the state's health.

Bel Edwards stated although it's unusual, it is important to gather as a state in heart to call upon other Lousiana residents. The impact on Lousianna has been deadly and last Thursday, he discussed updates related to the novel coronavirus' impact in Louisanna during a conference. 

"This will be the spiritual diet and exercise that I, as a Catholic Christian, believe is very important, anyway."

John Bel Edwards stated and explained on Twitter behalf on his feelings about the current pandemic. 

"Starting today, I am beginning three days of fasting and prayer for our state through July 22. The people of Louisiana need our prayers right now," 

"If you are inclined, please join me, @FirstLadyofLA, and faith leaders from across Louisiana in prayerful reflection and fasting on these three days. I encourage and welcome people of all faiths and denominations to participate."

Edwards said he believes "in the power of working together and being good neighbors to overcome COVID-19," 

He continuously sent out prayers for Louisiana's health and acknowledged those residents who are ill from COVID-19,  those caring for them, and those who have lost loved ones to the respiratory infection caused by the virus.

According to Twitter, Edwards passed a statewide face mask mandate, temporarily ordered bars to close and limited group gatherings to 50 people. To ease down the virus, Edwards isn't giving up on his state and the health of its residents.