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Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Heart of Learning is Beautiful

It’s a beautiful thing to be able to learn. The heart that desires to learn is a beautiful heart. It is said that the word ‘beauty’ is originally derived from the word, ‘know’.

Bryan Kim

Being Alone Versus Together

Being 'alone' has taken the reins of an emerging new cultural shift. I recently read an article which commented on the aesthetics of 'alone culture' by illustrating that there are those who eat alone in a restaurant, drink alone at a bar, play alone, sing alone, do make-up alone instead of at a beauty salon, and camp alone, among other things.

Bryan Kim

Changing from a Snobbish Face, to a Shining One

As I am not able to hide my age any longer, I dye the snow-white hairs underneath my ears. The compliments of "You haven't changed a bit!" used to be meaningless to me, but now holds credence over my life.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

What We Read Makes Us Beautiful

I received four books as gifts during the last Sunday. It was a really amazing day. Two books were written in English, and the other two books were written in Korean. I am happy when I receive a book as a gift.

Thom Rainer

When the Pastor Has an Affair

It happens too frequently. It can be the lead pastor or any church staff member. And too many churches do not handle such tragedy well.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Grace that Allows Us to Understand the Beauty of Holiness

God has recently allowed me to understand the beauty of holiness. That is one of the great favors that God has done for me. Of course, although I am not good enough, I have lived a life of pursuing holiness until now. Because of my interest in holiness, I have purchased and read books about holiness whenever I came across such books.

Thom Rainer

Six Current Trends in Land Purchases by Churches

I have noted on numerous occasions the incredible pace of change impacting churches. Another change is increasingly become more evident: how and when churches make land purchases. Here are six major shifts.

Bryan Kim

God Calls Us by Name

The mission center supported by our church and organized by our Cambodian missionary, Esther, almost resembles a zoo. A while back, our church staff and our families visited a zoo, but it was still incomparable with the front yard of that mission center.

Joshua Choon Min Kang

The Wisdom of Staying Long Before the Word

Reading and meditating on the Bible is a divine reading. There is a divine reading among other readings. Divine reading is reading the holy Word of God. The Bible is the holy book. The Bible is the book written being inspired by the Holy Spirit. When we read the Bible, we encounter the Holy God.

Joseph Choi small profile

Four Additional Criteria to Fine-Tune the Meaning of 'Evangelical' for Chaplains

Who is an Evangelical? I consider myself an evangelical Christian—I grew up in a home with my father being a passionate evangelical Presbyterian pastor. I attended an evangelical flavored church all my life. I attended and graduated from an evangelical seminary with two graduate degrees. I’m also ordained by an evangelical denomination.

Thom Rainer

Six Statements That Can Kill a Church

Words can kill churches because they often have deadly actions behind them. As we begin this new year, please allow me to share six statements that I have heard from church members whose churches have died.

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