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Beyond Belief

'Beyond Belief': Millennial Artists Share Spiritual Journeys on NBC Asian America

Two years after its launch, NBC Asian America is set to start a series spotlighting the spiritual journeys of young Asian American artists. The series, called ‘Beyond Belief,’ takes a look into the creative and spiritual spaces of five different artists from different artistic and spiritual backgrounds.

Jason Chu

Hip Hop Artist Jason Chu Aims to Go Beyond Making Music, to Being a Voice

The first time Jason Chu heard a song that resonated with his Asian American experience was during his junior year of high school, when he heard ‘Got Rice?’ by AZN Pride. The song struck a chord in Chu, who grew up being homeschooled and then being surrounded by primarily White and African American peers in Delaware.

Krispy Kreme and Cheerwine

Krispy Kreme’s Newest Soda Is Doughnut-Flavored

Cheerwines Krispy Kreme's Cherry Soda Flavored drink has made its way to the market. Now, this drink may quench the thirst of customers from North, South Carolina and other parts of Georgia. This new flavor is now sold in grocery stores, convenience stores and Krispy Kreme doughnut shops in the above mentioned areas only. Dated back in 2010, Krispy Kreme was able to sell Cheerwine filled doughnuts for a limited period.

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